Reclaim Your Independence & Rebuild Your Life After Narcissistic Abuse

Go from passive victim to proactive warrior

Go from passive victim to proactive warrior

Hello, Warrior! I’m Melissa Rymer. I spent 7 terrifying years married to a narcissist who wanted to destroy me not only mentally and physically, but financially as well.

Today, I’ve made it my life’s mission to teach others like me to regain control of their finances, and reclaim their self-confidence and independence after narcissistic abuse. 

You Don't Have to Be a Victim

By now, you’ve learned that what you had with your abuser was never about love. It was about control, submission, and robbing you of your independence for their own selfish desires.  

You know it’s time to reclaim your life. But to do that, you need to protect yourself and the beautiful future you’re building. 

Here’s what life can look like on the other side
I used my knowledge and expertise from a lifelong career in the financial industry to help me regain power over my finances and reclaim my own freedom, independence, and self-confidence. It was one of the ways I was able to fight back and protect myself. 

In The Victim to Warrior Method course, I’ll be there with you as you do the same. Every step of the Victim to Warrior Method will bring you closer to a life you love. A life where you feel empowered to take the reins of your freedom, and realize just how worthy of love and respect you are.

You’ll have the compassionate support and practical strategies you need to rebuild your life after narcissistic abuse, and the awareness, confidence, and knowledge to safely remove yourself from any situation that jeopardizes your freedom and wellbeing. 

The Warrior's Path

I built The Victim to Warrior Method (V2W) to help abuse survivors like me to go from passive victim to proactive warrior, and help them reclaim their independence and self-confidence while protecting their financial freedom. 

Through six self-paced modules, you’ll learn the exact processes I followed to protect myself from financial and emotional ruin and build a life I love.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside. 


Critical Steps To Protect Yourself After Leaving Your Narcissist

These are the most important steps you can take immediately after leaving your narcissistic abuser to protect yourself and the life you’re building.


Journey Back to Self-Love & Self-Confidence

These are the most important steps you can take immediately after leaving your narcissistic abuser to protect yourself and the life you’re building.


Rebuilding and Protecting Your Credit

Your financial wellbeing is the key to building a life of freedom, and it all starts with protecting your credit, your assets, and undoing any damage done your narc has already done. 


Reclaiming Your Financial Empowerment

In this module, I’ll teach you how I used my 40 years of experience in the financial industry to empower myself financially and build a life I love.


Rebounding Mentally & Physically

You’ve worked hard to protect your finances and independence. Now, it’s time to empower yourself mentally and physically. These are two critical steps to maintaining your independence! 


Rediscovering Your Inner Passion

You are officially a warrior! You’re free, you’re empowered, and now you get to decide what’s next in your life. Let’s build something beautiful! I’ll show you how I did it with intention, and how you can do it, too.

I've Been in Your Shoes

I wish I’d had the steps and guidance then that I’m offering you now.

I am a narcissistic abuse survivor, and I spent 7 terrifying years married to a dangerous “narc” who wanted to destroy me not just mentally and physically, but financially as well. 

Thanks to my knowledge and expertise from a lifelong career in the financial industry, I was able to protect myself from complete financial ruin while rebuilding my life. 

I want to offer you the same steps and guidance I used, so you can reclaim your freedom, independence, and self-confidence. 

In the V2W Course, I’ll show you how to go from passive victim to proactive warrior, and how to regain control of not only your life, but your journey back to self-love and happiness as well. 

Here's What's Inside

Six modules of self-paced study, plus all the support you need to break free, and start living a life you love. 

6 Empowering Modules

These six modules were created to take you from passive victim to proactive warrior in six weeks.

Community Support

You'll find support in our private, members-only Facebook group where we'll share wins and help keep each other on track. 

Resources & Guides

You'll get access to my entire library of resources and guides, from step-by-step guides and habit trackers to the exact forms you'll need to repair your credit.

Group Session

The learning continues each week in our private Zoom room as the V2W community gathers to learn even more ways to heal and thrive.

One-on-One Coaching

Get a one-on-one call with me. We'll discuss your specific situation and you'll get personalized guidance. 

A Clear Path to Freedom

You'll know you always have a clear process to follow for each step of your journey from victim to warrior. 

Start Your Journey

Enroll now and start your journey towards a life of freedom, self-confidence, and joy.

3 Bi-Weekly Payments

$ 49
  • All Course Modules (Modules 1-6)
  • Private Coaching Call with Me
  • Bonuses & Resources
  • Members Only Group Access
  • LIVE Roundtable Discussions & Group Coaching
  • Weekly Email Learning & Support
  • Lifetime Access

One Time Payment

$ 147
  • All Course Modules (Modules 1-6)
  • Private Coaching Call with Me
  • Bonuses & Resources
  • Members Only Group Access
  • LIVE Roundtable Discussions & Group Coaching
  • Weekly Email Learning & Support
  • Lifetime Access

Client Testimonials

Need Personalized Guidance?

Maybe you’re not sure if the Victim to Warrior Method is right for you, or you just need some personalized guidance to help you on your journey. Book a 60-minute private coaching call with me. We’ll discuss where you are, your goals, and put a plan in place to bring you closer to reaching them. As a bonus, the cost of this call can be applied towards a future purchase of The Victim to Warrior Method Course!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is narcissism the same as narcissistic personality disorder?

No. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is recognised and accepted as a disorder by the inflicted individual, and they have the desire to overcome their toxic behavior. Narcissists have no conscience and therefore believe they are not the problem nor do they feel they have any negative traits to overcome. They blame all negative conversations, accusations, and/or outcomes on the individual, who raises concerns about their bad behavior or harmful actions.

Is a narcissist truly capable of loving someone other than themselves?

A Narcissist may honestly believe they are in love with their latest victim, but it is a short-lived emotion, because it is impossible for the victim to measure up to what the narcissist projected onto them as required behavior to keep them happy. The absurd requirements eventually become impossible tasks, and that is when the narcissist decides that the victim has failed them, so they are forced to find a replacement.

Why does it appear that a narcissist is so much happier with their new supply than with the victim they just discarded?

Because the new supply was you before you were discarded, and that is exactly what the victim before you said about you. The cycle never ends with a narcissist, because no one on the planet is perfect enough to provide the constant “narc fuel” they demand to keep them happy and satisfied.

Why do narcissists isolate their victims, but then refuse to spend time with them?

When a narcissist is considering, or currently in process of discarding their current victim, but has not found a suitable replacement, they will keep the victim on an extremely tight leash, until a replacement is found. Narcissists are not capable of being alone because they cannot generate their own happiness, so until they find a new supply, the current victim must endure the toxic behavior and abuse until they are completely discarded. 

Why do narcissists start smear campaigns against their victims when they are the one who ended the relationship?

Narcissists refuse to accept blame for their harmful actions, nor do they want to be viewed by others as the “toxic partner” in the breakup so they spread hurtful lies and rumors about the wounded victim in order to shift blame away from themselves. Victims generally stay quiet during the bitter breakups, so no one is defending them against the vicious lies and many people will form wrong opinions of what actually happened based on the one-sided story.

Is there a cure for narcissism?

There is no known cure if an individual is truly a narcissist. Narcissists have no conscience, and therefore cannot feel normal emotions that regular individuals do when they cause harm to another individual. They are also generally fearless and/or reckless with no regard to the potential consequences they may face from their negative actions.

What is the Grey Rock Method?

The Grey Rock Method is a deliberate tactic used to become as uninteresting and unengaged as possible, when dealing with a toxic or abusive individual, so they lose interest in their target. Narcissists enjoy getting reactions from their victims when they inflict pain or harm to them, and when the victim refuses to give them the reaction they are seeking, it makes the interactions less rewarding. In general, it means giving short, straightforward answers to questions, and hiding emotional reactions to things the abuser says or does. There is no specific research to prove this method works and should be considered on an individual basis depending on the relationship with the abuser.

Who This Course is For

The Victim to Warrior Method is right for you if you…

Are committed to leaving your abuser, but you need an action plan in place so you can survive and thrive once you escape.

Have recently left your abuser, and need guidance and confidence to ensure you don't ever return.

Have left your abuser but you're still struggling to regain the confidence and sense of self-worth you need to live your best life.

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