Find Freedom & Recovery After Financial Abuse in Weeks

with Melissa Rymer

In this 6-part series, I’ll share the exact steps I took to keep from being financially destroyed by my abuser, all backed by the knowledge I gained during my 40 years in the financial industry.

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"The Financial Series course led me through steps I would never have known to take on my own."
Lydia S.
V2W Warrior


What is financial abuse?

Financial abuse is a form of domestic abuse that involves controlling or manipulating someone’s access to financial resources, often with the goal of exerting power and control over them.


Find Freedom and Recovery After Financial Abuse

Recognize Financial Abuse

Recognize Financial Abuse and learn if you are a victim

Are you a victim of Financial Abuse, Economic Downturns, or Personal Devastation?

In our recovery course you will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to regain control over your financial future and learn to recognize future warning signs that can impact your financial stability.

Tools To Mitigate The Financial Damage

Tools to mitigate the financial damage your narc may be trying to inflict on you

Tools to rebuild financial confidence in managing money by learning to create an emergency fund and develop practical skills to make informed financial decisions to help you move forward to financial empowerment.

Protect Yourself

How to protect yourself and gain financial freedom so you can thrive

Prevent future financial abuse or exploitation by learning protective measures to avoid credit fraud and identity theft and learn to recognize warning signs of potential threats to your financial well-being before they escalate.

Gain Financial Freedom

How to make sure you never become a victim of financial abuse again

Establish long-term financial stability by taking proactive steps to enhance your financial literacy and become resilient against future abuse or downturns in the economy by developing sustainable financial habits so you can plan for a secure financial future.


How can I protect myself from financial abuse?

Protecting yourself from financial abuse requires careful planning and assertive actions to regain control over your finances and overall well-being.


Am I financially abused?​

Here are some signs to help you determine if you might be suffering from financial abuse

Restricted Access to Money

Your partner controls all the finances and gives you limited or no access to money, credit cards, bank accounts, or other financial resources.

Monitoring Spending

Your partner closely monitors every purchase you make and questions your spending, making you feel guilty or ashamed for spending money.

Forced Financial Dependence

Your partner insists that you rely entirely on them financially, leaving you without financial independence or the ability to make your own financial decisions.

Forced Debt

Your partner takes out loans, credit cards, or other debts in your name without your consent, leaving you responsible for repaying them.

Withholding Financial Information

Your partner keeps financial information, such as account passwords, bank statements, and investment details, a secret from you.

Using Money to Control

Your partner uses money to manipulate or control you, such as threatening to cut off financial support if you don't comply with their demands.


From Victims To Warriors


Find Freedom & Recovery After Financial Abuse

How to recognize financial abuse and learn if you are a victim.

Tools to mitigate the financial damage your narc may be trying to inflict on you.

How to protect yourself and gain financial freedom so you can thrive.

How to make sure you never become a victim of financial abuse again!

*30-Day Conditional Refund Policy
Lifetime Access

The Course Curriculum

The 6-Part Financial Series
  • Course Introduction

    What This Series Has In Store For You

  • Recognizing The Signs

    How To Determine If You Are a Victim Of Social Abuse

  • Building Your Financial Safety Net

    A Guide To Creating An Emergency Fund

  • Safeguarding Your Identity

    Defending Against Identity Theft And Credit Fraud

  • Emerging Stronger

    Restoring Your Credit After Setbacks

  • Rebuilding Financial Resilience

    A Path To Stability

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About me

My name is Melissa Rymer. I’m a narcissistic abuse survivor who spent 7 terrifying years married to a dangerous narcissist, who wanted to destroy me not just mentally and physically, but financially as well. 

So if you are being financially abused, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It’s my time to help you! Join me in this six-part series and learn how to protect your financial independence while healing from narcissistic and financial abuse. 

I was able to protect myself from complete financial ruin while rebuilding my life using my knowledge and expertise from a lifelong career in the financial industry. 

The Course

Find Freedom & Recovery After Financial Abuse

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