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You’re Not Alone in Your Fight Against Narcissistic Abuse


Your Warrior Journey Started at "Victim"

You, like many, dream of a life filled with love, respect, and freedom.

Whether you’re still trapped in the torment of a narcissistic relationship, recently escaped and feeling lost, or are on the journey to healing, we understand the despair and hopelessness you feel and want you to know that you’re not alone.

Meet Melissa and John

Survivors, warriors, and your guides on this journey.

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We are both abuse survivors who spent many terrifying years married to dangerous narcissists who wanted to destroy us mentally, physically, and financially.

We were able to protect ourselves from complete financial ruin while rebuilding our lives by using the knowledge and expertise gained from our lifelong careers in the financial industry.

We want to offer you the exact steps and guidance we used so you can rebound and reclaim your freedom, independence, and self-confidence.

You'll transform from Victim to Warrior, regain control of your life, and journey back to self-love and happiness.

Narcissistic Abuse Has Many Forms

It’s not just emotional or physical; it can also be financial.

Just like a wound or a bruise, narcissistic abuse can leave long-lasting marks. It can take away your happiness, chip away at your self worth, and make you question if you’re good enough. It’s like having shadows in your life that are hard to shake off.

Your Path to Healing

Melissa and John have transformed their survival journeys into actionable steps.

From their experiences, they’ve crafted a plan to help you:

Breakaway from
narcissistic relationships

Reclaim your independence

Rebuild self-confidence

Rediscover self-love and happiness

With tools ranging from a free masterclass, personalized coaching programs, to a comprehensive e-book, they offer a roadmap from Victim to Warrior.

Support for Each Step of Your Healing Journey

From 1-to-1 coaching to immersive, self-paced courses, we offer several services designed to help you rebound, reclaim, and rebuild your life after narcissistic abuse. You’ll go from being a passive victim to a proactive warrior, and heal from narcissistic abuse.

Free Masterclass: Rebuild yuor life's foundation

Are you ready to break free from your narcissistic relationship? Start here

We understand your pain and want to earn your trust. Get to know us by signing up for the Free Masterclass. Learn simple but effective daily actions to reclaim your life and begin to heal after narcissistic abuse. The class is completely FREE, and available INSTANTLY, on-demand.

E-Book: Narcissistic abuse survival kit

Are you ready to rebound, reclaim, and rebuild your life?

Embark on your Warrior journey in our E-Book that will guide you on your path of healing, self-discovery, and reclaiming your life.

The V2W Victim to warrior method signature course

Have you left your narc and are learning to love yourself again and trust your dating decisions?

Are you ready to accelerate your healing journey? Enroll in the Victim to Warrior course today and embark on a transformative path to reclaiming your life and freedom!

Financial abuse and recovery series

This comprehensive series is more than just a learning experience; it’s your personal guide to financial revival.

Financial manipulation and control are often silent weapons wielded by narcissistic partners. If you’ve felt the strain of financial abuse, you’re not alone—and you’re not without hope. Discover tools, strategies, and insights to rebuild your financial foundation, regain control, and set yourself on a course towards monetary independence and security.

Personalized Support


We’re here to help you along the way with our 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

Book a call to start your healing journey. We’ll dive into your unique situation and you’lllearn more about how to regain your freedom and take control of your life.

Pre-call survey to ensure you get the most from your call

Personalized guidance, support, and strategy based on where you are in your healing journey

Apply the cost of your call to the V2W Signature Course!

Your Warrior Journey Awaits

Don’t let your past define your future – without the right guidance, it’s easy to feel lost or even fall back into another toxic relationship. You deserve more. Don’t let the cycle repeat.

Imagine a life where you’ve broken free from the chains of narcissistic abuse, where you’ve not only regained control but have thrived, rediscovering self-love and happiness. That life can be yours. Melissa and John did it, and so can you.

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